#MovingForwardEP: Love & Life

by Nation Zamar

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Sitting on This Train (Thankful) [Verse 1] Sitting on this train watching the seasons change, thinking… About my life, “Am I doing anything right?”, “What is to become of me?” yea… [Hook] I found out that time is not my friend It’s moving faster than it did back then I’m getting older now, I’m getting older now [Chorus] (2x’s) I find myself sitting on this train [sitting on this train] I find myself sitting on this train [sitting on this train] Thankful that what could have been - was not Thankful that what should have been - was not [Verse 2] (2x’s) Going from house to house and couch to couch No one to depend on, no one to turn to I said I was going from house to house and couch to couch Oh, couch to couch… Hook [Chorus] I find myself sitting on this train [sitting on this train] I find myself sitting on this train [sitting on this train] Thankful for what I’ve got And even for what I don’t have I find myself sitting… [scat] Thankful for my life yea (repeat) 4x’s)
Breathe [Verse 1] I’m getting older now, I don’t even do the same things…no…no Not worried ‘bout my past, but looking at my future And it is bright as far as I can see [Hook] Don’t wanna move too fast Don’t wanna take my time, but I’m comin’ for everything that’s mine [Chorus] There’s somethings that I’ve gotta do and I’ve waited a long time There’s somethings I’ve gotta put my feet to, waited for a long time – long time Waited for a long time (2x’s) A long time (2x’s) [Verse 2] What if I told you I’ve been without for a long time? What if I told you I procrastinated a long time? I just found out that I don’t have what I was promised ‘cause haven’t done what He told me to do So, I gotta move (2x’s) Hook Chorus [Vamp] Move forward (6x’s) Chorus (2x’s)
Subliminal It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your face and your image is erasing I can’t take the thought of you not being here with me And to top it off you ain’t called You haven’t even said a word Is it subliminal? Should I read between the lines? Is it subliminal? Were you ever really mine? Is it subliminal? All the things you didn’t say? Is it subliminal? (2x’s)
Phone Call (Slow Down) [Verse 1] Let me tell you something I still think about you in the night time After all of the changes, back and forth – up and down I still wonder how you are It wasn’t an easy thing to let you go It isn’t an easy thing for me to let you know That it isn’t the same, I still feel the pain of good memories left behind [Chorus] I think a phone call would make me feel good Make me feel good and… If I hear your voice I’m good Believe me – I’m good and… A little time with you, I’m good - I’m good Why don’t you call me? If you’re listening, call me please… [Verse 2] I haven’t seen your face in a while But the image of you is permanently sketched in my mind The thought of you still makes me smile Not really sure what this is, but I know it ain’t no movie But I know that I need to… Slow down… ‘Cause I just saw you in my dreams last night…what? Oh, no… Slow down… And you were better than ever Chorus [Bridge] Sometime I think ‘bout you at night, oh… Just a little bit, but I really need to slow down and think and pray to God about this because I had a dream and I was walking with someone on my left whose arm was linked in mine, holding me close. I looked over, I couldn’t see your face, but I knew it was you. You had changed. You were beautiful. Chorus [Outro] “Phone call” (4x’s)
You Lied 03:46
You Lied You told me that you loved me You told me that you cared You told me that you loved me, but I don’t care – now, cause you lied You lied (3x’s) [Verse 1] You said that I was the only one that had your time Couldn’t finish your work cause I was on your mind From the time you woke up ‘til you went to sleep you thought about me You said…that you wouldn’t do me like he did you Never knew someone could make you feel the way that I do I knew it all was too good to be true Chorus (7x’s) [Verse 2] What happened to the songs that we listened to? The passion I felt with you – that I ain’t never felt with no one else? Yup, that’s what I said to you Please don’t leave me out here to dry and cry – cry my eyes-out, I’m trapped and can’t get out It’s like you don’t care no more, I feel like you played me for a fool Chorus (7x’s) [Bridge] I thought it was real, oh… (2x’s) Chorus [Outro] *Talking* “Now, see… unfortunately, I didn’t listen to God when he told me to stop foolin’ with you. If I woulda did that, I woulda saved myself a lot of heartache, but I guess that’s what happens, right? Hmm. Won’t do that again.”
I’m Shalomin’…They Hatin’ [Verse 1] They see me doin’ my thang and they hatin’ I’m pressing towards the mark and working the purpose that was planned for me, but they sitting over there – still hating I really don’t understand why they front or they mad, but it’s sad how they don’t like me – they still smile though… When I walk by, wanna hug me and say “Hi!” I don’t even know you, but you wrong for that I can tell you ain’t no good, nah… [Hook] See, I’m makin’ peace and breakin’ bread with the people and walkin’ round like Jesus did, healing and delivering the people Greater works will I do if I simply tap into him only through him can all healing virtue flow to them [Chorus] (2x’s) I’m Shalomin’…They Hatin’ Shalomin’ and they hatin’ I’m Shaloimin’…They Hatin’ Shalomin’ and they hatin’ Makin peace amongst the people and they hatin’ Bridging the gap between the people and they hatin’ [Verse 2] I’m longwinded in this area so you better watch me Cause when He speaks, I speak I’m here to set the path straight for him Flip the script and make a scene up in this piece I know that you may see one, but there’s thousands behind me on the hills I say one word and they Go Go Go Go You better know that if you in my way is *gun sounds & screaming* I’m trynna warn you before there’s trouble in the land Wanna know where to go? Come on, take my hand We’re going to a place where there ain’t nobody hatin’ on ya If there’s even one, I got a little something for ‘em, it’s the word I done come too far, it’s been too long and I’ve been made too strong to sit here and let you say anything you want but I won’t let it phase me though cause God repays me though I know where my blessings come from if I do right and keep him by my side while I… Hook Chorus [Verse 3] Now, if you didn’t know then now you know It’s a new season in my life and you have to go I’ve been worried about y’all too long and it ain’t healthy When you seen me struggling you looked and didn’t help me, but that’s alright because I started from the bottom and now I’m here Overcame many tests and trails and now I’m here I blasted all them haters in my way, now I’m here You see I started from the bottom (2x’s) With my free songs and concerts, performing ‘til my feet hurt Nah, you ain’t support nan-one, but that’s alright Cause now I’m at the Madison & Staples and now you want backstage passes and to break bread at the table I’m too busy makin… Hook Chorus
Sitting on This Train (Outro) Sitting on this train, thankful for my life and everything that comes with it Everything he’s graced me to endure, made me stronger Had to go through some things to get to some things, oh… I can say that it was all worth it, it’s all worth it *Talk* I’m not gonna do it again. I’m not gonna do it again!


Life music. Music that uniquely and seamlessly blends various musical styles, sounds and strong lyrical content to evoke the passion needed to move forward.


released November 24, 2016

Written, Produced, Arranged and Performed by: Nation Zamar
All Vocals, Live Instrumentation and Musical Programming: Nation Zamar
Engineering, Recording and Production: Nation Zamar
Executive Producer: Nation Zamar

(c) 2016 Zamar Entertainment Group EP
WARNING: All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Nation Zamar Los Angeles, California

Nation Zamar is a “Creator of Music” (singer-songwriter, lyricist, producer, arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist), vocal coach - specializing in vocal health, model and actor, talent manager and consultant.

His debut project, "#MovingForwardEP: Love & Life" is now available. For more information on Nation Zamar, please visit: www.nationzamar.info
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